Little Lake Wharf Rehabilitation

Municipal Engineering

Services Provided:

  • Investigations
  • Design services:
  • Rehabilitation of concrete marina breakwall
  • Replacement of interlock walkways
  • Replacement of deteriorated bollards with new created from a mould of existing historic bollards
  • Rehabilitation of T-wharf
  • Replacement of deteriorated concrete steps with accessible aluminum gangway
  • Landscaping
  • Tender specifications
  • Tender Process
  • Contract Administration
  • Construction Inspection


Little Lake, Peterborough

The scope of work required detailed design of the rehabilitation of the Little Lake Marina Wharf and Crescent Street Wharf (T-wharf) in downtown Peterborough.  Concrete was repaired and overlaid to form an even and level surface, and adjacent interlock was removed and reinstalled to suit. Historic bollards, originally used to tie-up tourist steamships, were replaced with new concrete bollards cast from the single complete bollard that was used to create a mould.  The 1940’s era T-wharf was patched, scarified and resurfaced with a concrete overlay.  The deteriorated concrete stairs were removed and replaced with an aluminum gangway, complying with the City’s accessibility by-law.  All phases of the design and construction were overseen by Greer Galloway staff.