Process Integration Engineering

Process Integration Engineering


The Greer Galloway Group is an engineering consultant firm that has been providing process and integration engineering services in Eastern Ontario to some of the most reputable manufacturing companies in the region. Our main goal is to provide support to process and engineering activities related to the manufacturing process.


Project Execution

Project Execution Machine changes are executed to improve machine performance and reliability. This involves scoping the change, overseeing the design, presenting the details and implementing a plan for the equipment owners (i.e. operations), planning an installation window, scheduling trades persons, executing the change, and subsequent monitoring and follow up. When necessary, third party vendors are solicited for custom machine components. Projects are executed and documented according to established processes, while adhering to safety and regulatory policies.

Problem Investigation/Research and Development

Problems are investigated in a methodical manner. This involves collecting relevant data, as well as considering observations from equipment operators. Root-cause is determined so that issues are addressed at the source, instead of by band-aid solutions downstream. High-speed video is often employed as a tool to develop and debug manufacturing processes, such as packaging equipment and conveyors. Research and Development is provided to proposal solution problems.


Construction supervision is provided in major machine installations. This involves providing engineering support as issues arise during construction, and the supervision of the trades persons performing the installation.

Equipment Audits & Standardization

Manufacturing equipment is often modified after installation to address issues and to accommodate new requirements. We ensure that modifications are properly documented and communicated to the equipment vendor, and that audits are performed to ensure modifications are standardized among the relevant machines.

General Support to Operations

Various support activities are conducted as part of maintaining the reliability of the production machines. This includes ensuring that spare parts are on hand; drawings are available; and that designs are documented and shared with the equipment vendors. Spare parts are often inventoried via customer enterprise software (SAP) for ease of retrieval in the event of a production machine breakdown.