Quality Verification Engineering

Quality Verification Engineering


Greer Galloway provides Quality Verification Engineering services for infrastructure projects to Contractors for various jurisdictional authorities (including the Ministry of Transportation, Cities, Municipalities, etc.)


General Conformance

Quality Verification Engineers from Greer Galloway are responsible for confirming that specified working drawings and components of work are in general conformance with the requirements of the Contract Documents. General conformance means that, in the opinion of the Quality Verification Engineer, the construction work has been completed to such a standard that it fulfills the requirements of the contract, has been completed in accordance with industry standard practices, and will perform as intended.

Certificate of conformance

The Quality Verification Engineer will perform inspections, and review relevant testing data to confirm general conformance, upon which time a Certificate of Conformance is issued. The Certificate of Conformance is a document, signed and sealed by the Quality Verification Engineer, which acts as written confirmation that the work has been completed to general conformance. If required by the contract documents, the Certificate of Conformance will act as written permission to proceed with the next stage of work.

items serviced

The Greer Galloway group provides Quality Verification Engineering services for a variety of construction/work items, including:

Reinforcing Steel
Concrete Falsework/Formwork
Structural Backfill
Roadway Protection Systems
Piling/Pile Installation
Excavation for structures
Bridge Bearings
Bridge Expansion Joints
Sheet Piling
Dewatering of excavations