Water Supply to Block 97 WTP

Municipal Engineering

Services Provided:

  • Planning & Feasibility Studies
  • Hydraulic Modeling of Water System
  • Preliminary & Detailed Design
  • Cost Estimates
  • Construction Administration


Cornwall Island, Ontario

Greer Galloway established the infrastructure necessary for providing a safe, reliable source of potable water supply to residents and businesses in Cornwall Island Block 97 and along McCumber Road and Island Road.

Addressed a serious environmental and public health concern by eliminating reliance on contaminated and unreliable groundwater supply wells and aquifer within the project area.

Significantly reduced annual operating & maintenance costs at Block 97 WTP.

Retrofitted the existing Water Treatment Plant to meet Ministry of Environment regulations and standards related to Reg. 170/03 and ODWS Standards for disinfection.

Provided an appropriate level of service for residents, businesses and institutional facilities (eg: Chronic Care Facility) on Cornwall Island by incorporating appropriate design criteria for water treatment and supply for existing and future domestic consumption and fire flows within the project area.

Provided the infrastructure foundation for future expansion of the Cornwall Island Water Distribution System easterly along Island Road.

The project included feasibility study, environmental assessment (by MCA), septic system review (by MCA), storm water management review, water storage facility options analysis, preliminary design, detailed design, and contract administration.