Norwood County Road 40

MTO & Transportation

Services Provided:

  • Municipal Class Environmental Assessment (Schedule B)
  • Design of road upgrades
  • Preparation of drawings, specifications and tender documents
  • Stormwater Management Study
  • Design Stormwater management systems
  • Design watermain and sanitary sewer infrastructure improvements
  • Traffic signal upgrades/modifications
  • Acquisition of environmental approvals and permits
  • Tender Documents & Contract Administration Services


Greer Galloway undertook the reconstruction of County Road 40 (Dummer Road) from intersection of Highway 7 (in the village of Norwood) northerly approximately 1.3 km.


The scope of work included the existing two-lane rural road reconstruction of CR 40 to a basic two-lane urban design standard including improvements to the municipal infrastructure (i.e. watermain, sanitary sewer, storm sewer, sidewalks, street lights, etc).  The scope of the work also included modifications and upgrades to the Highway 7 intersection in order to accommodate the planned improvements.  The design of the project followed a Class Environmental Assessment and a cost effective design.